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7. Do My Friends Like It?

Excerpt Chapter 7 Click.ologyShoppers frequently buy things simply because their friends have bought the same item. We like to buy to impress our friends too. The whole arena of social networking is considered in this chapter exploring why it is so fundamental to online retail. In the chapter you will discover that it is more than just liking what our friends buy online, but that the whole field of being social is a significant reason for people spending money.

8. Can the Retailer be Trusted?

Exceprt Chapter 8 Click.ologyWe only buy from people we trust. Online a retailer needs to demonstrate that they can be trusted. This can be achieved in several ways, but one of the most significant is demonstrating instantly that the business cares for its customers. In addition, shoppers only tend to buy from people they consider to be credible. Online retailers need to show they are credible and can be trusted and they need to do that in seconds. This chapter reveals what they can do.

9. Avoiding the Cons

Exceprt Chapter 9 Click.ologyThe Internet has its fair share of cons and unscrupulous sales activities. These hard-sell techniques provide a negative environment for many people, suggesting that everyone selling online is some kind of con merchant. This chapter considers what retailers need to do in order to mark themselves out from the negative websites that abound in online shopping.